Monday, 15 July 2013

Dark Days, Dark Nights

Dark Days, Dark Nights

Even though it’s light, it seems so dark
Darkness is my world, a void of black nothingness
Night becomes day yet the colour does not change
An endless tunnel with no end
A deep hole with no top
No escape from the black clouds that never move

Black thoughts control my life
Black feelings anesthetize my emotions
I do not care, I do not feel
I cannot see and I cannot hear
Blackness surrounds me, clouds all that I do
Dark images envelop me, consuming my life

Where did this darkness come from?
Why does it linger?
Even my dark nights are darker than dark
Stopping me sleeping, even the sheep are black
Nightmares are constant, no meaning, no why
Waking bathed in sweat only to find you are still there
Angry thoughts and angry ideas, it’s just so dark

Not even a single ray of light
No hope and no future
It seems as if I am doomed to live in this place
I’m blinded by the blackness, like a bat out of hell
Where is the light, where do I go?
There is no end in sight, but I still have hope.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Black Dog

The Black Dog

He’s the bain of my life
Always there, always watching
Just sat in the corner causing me strife
Always with me, my constant shadow
Oh, what can I do for me and my wife

Black dog, black dog, what do you want?
Black, dog, black dog, why don’t you leave?
Black dog, black dog, what have I done?
Black dog, black dog, what do I have to do?

I know he’s there
I can feel his stare
He tries to control me
He causes me despair
He celebrates my sadness with unbridled glee

But black dog, I know what you want
But black, dog, you don’t have to leave leave
But black dog, I know what I have done
But black dog, I know what to do

You can be there
But I will pay no attention
You can watch me
But I do not care
You have no power
You are in detention
My emotions are mine
So sit quietly in your lair

Yes, black dog, you have no purpose
Yes, black dog, you are mine to control
Yes, black dog, you are so small
Yes, black dog, put on your lead

Black dog, black dog, where are you now?